Federal law states that that if an employee makes $30.00 or more A MONTH, than the employer only has to pay them $2.13 PER HOUR!

Why are food servers at restaurants exempt from a living wage. If tips are the sole source of a person’s income , Than lets change the deck that is usually stacked against the employee.

I propose that food servers get an income like any other employee. Lets say for arguments sakes  $9.00 an hour. Besides giving an employee some kind of realistic minimum expectation of their income, it would also deter bosses from giving no thought of overstaffing, just because its  in their favor. Employers would be less likely to have staff on schedules that is obviously detrimental to that over populated workers.It makes it a losing battle in earning a fare wage. GIVE THEM A SALARY THEY CAN COUNT ON ! GIVE THEM A SENSE OF STABILITY THEY CAN COUNT ON AT THE END OF THE WEEK!