Nike, “CAPITALISM” at its WORST!!!


I bring you this story,  not so you stop buying apparel that are made by human beings that are treated without a shred of dignity and have no hope for a brighter future. Rather I bring you this story so that you can see for yourself how corporate giants like ‘Nike’ DO NOT value the workers that make them so rich and so fat. Instead, this huge corporation that only manufacturers all their foot ware over sees, as to pay their workers as little as possible as to keep them dependent on the very job that is robbing them of any chance of having a better life for them and their families.

This is a small glimmer of what lays in store for our America. It should be a true wake-up call to workers in America that are being spoon fed by  these enormous corporations as they too become wage slaves to their jobs.


One thought on “Nike, “CAPITALISM” at its WORST!!!”

  1. Refusing to buy things made in China. Try to find MADE IN USA products and services. Good luck to me.

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