I have heard all the excuses why we should not tamper with the minimum wage level set back in 2007. The problem is that its just the same old excuse i’ve been listening to for to many years. ” If we raise the minimum wage to $15.00, we would just be hurting the ones you’re trying to help! ”  REALLY !  IS THAT POSSIBLE????? If you pay an employee what they really should be earning, that it is POSSIBLE this could have an adverse affect on them. Perhaps they would miss working two, or even three jobs just to make up for pay that they should be getting for working “ONE” full time job!

  I’ve seen first hand what is happening to Americans that try to compensate for this new Corporate American philosophy of  not giving employees a living wage.” HOPELESSNESS” is,  I think one of the biggest reasons for what i am witnessing in  the new American work ethic today. When hopelessness take a firm grip on a person, it hollows all their ambitions out of them, so what they bring to work is basically just a body without any passion for a job well done. For they are being conditioned day in, and day out for an outcome that has little if any promise for a future. There is just one thing that drives companies to disenfranchise employees, as a course of  their regular way of business. That which is,  GREED!!!.       Greed without a moral compass !