America first or is it corporate America first?

 You can’t complain about a loved one’s addiction, if you keep on contributing to it !!!

Anyone who  thinks they are getting  a good deal every time they buy something from an on-line company like “AMAZON”, is actually contributing to the demise of their local economy!

My most recent purchase of a crab trap was made at WEST MARINE, a local business  that employs people  in and around my neighborhood. Yes, I could have easily bought it on line and not only saved a couple of bucks and the sales tax as well, but I chose NOT to succumb to the sometimes overwhelming urge to give my money to a company that neither has local shops in my area, let alone  a single store  in America. In-fact they do not contribute to the American economy, rather they are the biggest  reason why American businesses are doomed to fail. 

The fact is we are buying our way into a third world economy. The more America succumbs  to the allure of the ever lowering cost of goods that are flooding our country’s economy without even having to hire a single American employee,  is clearly a recipe for disaster to our economy going forward! 

Yes, by all means ordering on line can truly be a pleasure, and usually you get a better deal, but give your business to your local stores and pick up your order there if you want to preserve our American  economy. 

Our greed will be this country’s demise!!!

The change must start now and it must start with you!





One thought on “America first or is it corporate America first?”

  1. Great information! It’s true that most Americans don’t consider the long term negative effect to the economy with each dollar they spend with mega-distributors like Amazon and Walmart. Capitalism must be regulated to protect ALL businesses, not just the largest few. Capitalism works in our favor when there are many hundreds of thousands of individual businesses. The opposite can only mean financial disaster and the eventual collapse of a once thriving society. Thank you for providing this forum! Great website!

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